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Physical and mental training designed to empower teenage girls with the knowledge, athleticism, and confidence to live their best life.



As a former competitive athlete, I began strength training at age 15 with my high school’s football coaches. The impact on my health, athletics, confidence, and now vocation is immeasurable. Having built a successful career in the fitness industry, and a chapter in project management, I’ve spent a lot of time connecting with people and learning how to lead and empower both individuals and teams.

With a passion for movement, strength, and boosting others, I co-founded Girls Gone Strong (GGS) in 2011. GGS was built on a shared dream to provide females with health and fitness education, community, and empowerment. Now, years after handing off Girls Gone Strong in 2014, I’ve been called back to create a program geared towards coaching teenage girls on the fundamentals of movement, strength training, and mindset. As a result, Raising Strength was born.

Raising Strength will elevate physical strength and cultivate strength as an individual, so girls can thrive in any endeavor they wish to pursue over their lifetime. As part of this team, supportive coaching will also address and encourage compassionate discussion of important topics. My mission is to help girls navigate their journey and transformation with strength, self-love, and power.


In order to operate amid COVID-19, we are monitoring state and federal guidelines closely. We are modifying our program accordingly and we will adhere to the required and recommended protocols to ensure everyone’s safety. We strongly believe in a safe return to training and sports, as well as the value of community and connection, especially during this time. Please contact us directly for any questions related to Raising Strength’s program information and operation.

We begin with a 1-on-1 session to create a personalized foundation, followed by two private or small group training sessions per week.

During the introductory session, each girl will receive a binder with everything she needs to succeed, including:

  • daily health assessment and goal setting worksheets
  • four to six-week training blocks and a training progress tracker
  • mindset exercises and daily reflections

This binder will provide the framework for developing productive habits, accountability, and a greater self-awareness – which will, in turn, guarantee ownership and positive results.

Individual or Team Training

Each private or group session is a combination of physical and mental exercises to create the optimal well-rounded athlete. These specialized sessions will develop confidence and a powerful, and injury-resistant life.

I’m excited to share this journey with you!

Spaces are limited to ensure safe and personalized attention to each girl, so reserve your spot now!


Have questions? Want to enroll? Contact us!

Raising Strength is currently a program local to San Diego, California. Regardless, we’d love to hear from you and assist however we can.